Lower Lake Ranch, was originally founded by John Jensen in 1878, after acquiring the Homestead from Samuel Cunningham. The first of 20 homesteads acquired by John Jensen and his wife would become a pioneers dream of 3500+ acres. The Jensens arrived in America from Norway as honeymooners with that great American Pioneer attitude of “Can Do.” In the late 1860’s, they settled in the Pine Grove area as Ranch Managers at Lionshead Ranch. Lionshead Ranch was founded by Anton Glasmann in 1862, after selling his cabin and land, located in downtown Denver, to Mr. & Mrs. Brown. The Brown’s had a dream to build an Elegant Hotel in Denver Colorado, and Anton Glasmann had a dream to develop a Guest Ranch with hiking and fishing in the mountains west of Denver.

Both families, the Glasmann’s and the Brown’s built very different dreams for guests coming to Colorado to enjoy. Anton built a Guest Ranch with amazing outdoor recreation and the Brown’s built the Brown Palace in downtown Denver. Imagine over 150 years later, visitors are still enjoying those homesteaders’ dreams. By 1878, the Jensens had been managing Lionshead Guest Ranch for years and had an opportunity to acquire the Cunningham homestead next door. The Jensens could begin their dream, homestead their own land and incorporate it into the guest ranch next door. In 1878, the Jensens did not know that someday they would also own Lionshead Ranch, the Miles Ranch, the LuLu Corbin Ranch and many others. The Jensen/Cunningham Ranch would be the beginning of the Jensen empire of over 3500 acres. Between 1878 and 1921, John Jensen purchased over 20 homesteads, the last homestead being the LuLu Corbin ranch. LuLu’s ranch was on top of Cathedral Peaks and included Elk Falls, a beautiful, vertical waterfall. One month after acquiring the LuLu Corbin ranch April 1921, John Jensen passed away. His four children would continue his dream the best they could until 1934, when they sold the ranch to Elmer Berg. In 1924, Alice Jensen, the youngest of the Jensen family, married a tall handsome Swede, named Elmer Berg. Alice met Elmer at the ranch during a Denver Athletic Club outing that Elmer was a member of.

Alice was never called Alice after marrying Elmer because he gave her a new name “Sally”. Naming people with other names was a game with Elmer that he carried through his entire life. Even Elmer’s and Sally’s nieces and nephews did not know Aunt Sally was really Aunt Alice until her death and an Alice E. Berg “Will” was read not a Sally Berg “Will.” Alice was quite the woman, especially since she was raised by her father after her mother’s death. Her mother had died shortly after she was born in 1901. Family stories about her mother’s death range from her death was caused by child birth to her mother was ill and just did not survive. Alice was adventurous and outgoing, a horsewoman and a wildlife lover. Other family stories of how deer would just come to Aunt Sally and eat corn right out of her hand, or the family sing-a-longs on Aunt Sally’s porch at the Big House on the ranch that over looked a pristine valley. Early 1900 newspaper articles wrote about the Jensen children were attending a County Fair competing in singing contest. Publishers wrote, “If the Jensens’ show up to sing, just pack your bags and go home.” The Jensen family never loses a singing contest; their voices echo like an angel choir, hearing harmony forever.






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